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Métis woman pursues legal action against daycare after child’s hair cut without consent

A before and after look at Jana Nyland's 19-month-old son after an unexpected haircut A Saskatoon woman, with connections to Prince Albert, is pursuing legal action against her son’s daycare provider, alleging the operator committed assault when she cut the young child’s hair without permission.

The incident happened last Saturday in Saskatoon. Jana Nyland told paNOW she had left her 19-month-old son with the daycare in the afternoon, and when she returned later to pick him up discovered the blonde curly hair that once covered his neck had been cut without her permission or even a phone call.

“And when I asked her the reason why she cut his hair, she told me she didn’t like long hair on boys and that native children shouldn’t have long hair,'” she said. Nyland said she immediately took her son and informed the daycare provider she would be talking to the police. More


Teacher who refused to use student’s pronouns jailed after returning to school

Enoch Burke has been jailed after breaking a court order to stay away from his school A teacher has been jailed for refusing to stay away from his school after they suspended him when he refused to call a pupil “they”.

Enoch Burke, an evangelical Christian, was put on a paid suspension by Wilson’s Hospital School in County Westmeath, Ireland after he refused to use a student’s preferred pronouns.

He broke a court order, which compelled him to not go to or try to teach at the school. Mr Burke went to the school anyway and sat in an empty classroom and declared he was there to work. Justice Michael Quinn jailed the school teacher for contempt of court, an indefinite prison term which can only be ended if Mr Burke agrees to submit himself to the terms of the injunction. More


Anomaly in car ownership law causes innocent man to be wrongfully arrested, lose $50,000 worth of possessions

another fail of the laws that are supposed to protect people Imagine you're sitting in your car and the police turn up, tell you it belongs to someone else, take you away in cuffs to a police cell, charge you and bail you.

It happened - alongside other similar stories - thanks to an anomaly in the car ownership law.

Living in his car after his divorce, Dave Belmont thought things couldn't get any worse. But what happened next was like a bizarre nightmare.

"A guy transferred my ute into his partner's name, reported it stolen and gave the police my address. The police came round, arrested me, took my ute, gave my ute and my belongings to this guy," Belmont said. More


Child rapist awarded $2.5 million settlement for trans surgery after Idaho prison withheld 'care'

Edmo claimed, in her lawsuit, that the department and Corizon had A federal judge has ordered Idaho and its prison medical care provider, Corizon Correctional Healthcare, to pay more than $2.5 million in legal fees to a transgender inmate who was forced to sue after she was denied gender confirmation surgery.

The inmate in question, Adree Edmo, who has been in custody since 2012, sued the Idaho Department of Correction and Corizon LLC, which contracts with the department to provide medical services to prisoners, in 2017, after she was denied gender confirmation surgery — even though her doctors claimed that the procedure was necessary to treat her gender dysphoria.

Edmo claimed, in her lawsuit, that the department and Corizon had violated her Eighth Amendment right to be free from “cruel and unusual punishment” when it refused to provide her with medically necessary surgery. She also asked the judge to order the Department of Correction to transfer her to a women’s prison, and to allow her access to “gender appropriate” clothing, in addition to the surgery. More


Pop Star Arrested After Making Joke in Middle East

make a joke go to jail A Turkish singer who made a joke about the nation’s Islamic religious schools has been tossed in jail over her remark.

Gülsen, a pop singer, was jailed on Thursday over a quip made in April while poking fun at a member of her band, according to the New York Post.

“He studied at an Imam Hatip [school] previously. That’s where his perversion comes from,” Gülsen said in April in a video which began circulating recently.

The jab comes in a nation torn between long-standing secular ways and the pro-Islamic rule of President Tayyip Erdogan, who went to an Imam Hatip school. The schools were created to train Muslim young men to be preachers and imams. More


Black Alabama pastor says he was wrongfully arrested while watering his neighbor's flowers

Childersburg Police Department Body Camera via the Law Offices of Harry Daniels A Black pastor in Alabama said he was wrongfully arrested and charged with a crime while watering his neighbor's flowers. Video of Michael Jennings' arrest May 22 was released by his lawyers this week, "clearing the way for legal action against the officers," they said in a news release.

In the 20-minute-long video, obtained by NBC News, a Childersburg officer approaches Jennings while he is standing on the side of a home watering plants. When the officer asks Jennings what he is doing, Jennings responds, "watering flowers."

The officer asks if a car parked in the driveway belongs to Jennings but Jennings says it is his neighbor's car. The officer asks Jennings if he lives at the home and Jennings explains that he does not. More


Principal promotes book on 'trans' toddlers to kindergarteners for summer reading

It's not any wonder that grooming young children in school confuses them about sex The principal of a public Minnesota elementary school recently promoted a fictional book about a young girl who wants to be a boy to students as young as five years old.

Principal Stacey DeCorsey of Excelsior Elementary School posted a video to the school's Facebook page, listing her book recommendations for students' summer reading. The books included Erica Silverman's Jack (Not Jackie), a picture book geared for grades kindergarten through second. The video was reposted by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

The book, published by GLAAD, a non-governmental media monitoring organization founded as a protest against negative coverage of LGBT+ people, features a female toddler's struggle to accept herself as she doesn't seem to like stereotypical "girl" activities. More


The Curious Case of Gina Adams: A “Pretendian” investigation

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School, founded in 1879 in Pennsylvania, was the model institution for the 367 federally run residential schools in the United States On a sunny afternoon in June of 2018, artist Gina Adams took the stage at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. She wore a large medallion of colourful beads, which caught the light and glittered as she spoke.

Adams, who was in her early 50s at the time, talked nervously but with evident delight as she expressed her gratitude for being selected as summer artist-in-residence for the department of studio art. She took a deep breath and greeted the audience in Anishinaabemowin, her voice and manner relaxing momentarily as she spoke: “Boozhoo, aaniin.”

Adams began by talking about her Ojibwe grandfather. “As a young child, I spent time with him, walking through the woods, talking about plants and spirit medicine. My grandfather is of Midewiwin descent, and I am of Midewiwin descent from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota,” she said. “My grandfather, however, was removed at age eight. He was sent to the Carlisle School.” More


Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first

Minneapolis teachers and supporters march during a strike earlier this yearA Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before “educators of color” in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff.

After the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and MPS struck a deal on March 25 to end a 14-day teacher strike, the two sides drew up and ratified a new collective bargaining agreement complete with various proposals.

One of the proposals dealt with “educators of color protections.” The agreement states that if a non-white teacher is subject to excess, MPS must excess a white teacher with the “next least” seniority. “Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement reads. More


30+ Australian Federal Depts, Agencies Pay Gender Identity Lobby Group for Policy Guidance

Senator Claire Chandler spoke at a September 2020 about the importance of free speech, particularly as it relates to An Australian politician has revealed that “more than 30 federal departments and agencies” are paying a transgender and queer lobby group for “advice and staff training on so-called ‘inclusive’ language.”

Senator Claire Chandler, a Senator of Tasmania for the Liberal Party, said in an Op-Ed published on her website today that the federal Department of Health had last year replaced a pregnancy COVID-19 vaccination guide’s fifty references to ‘women’ with the phrase ‘pregnant person’.

Noting that “removal of specific sex-based language undermines the accuracy of health advice for pregnant women,” and the “overwhelming majority of Australians don’t find the re-labelling of mothers as ‘birthing parents’ or ‘pregnant people’ inclusive” but instead “unnecessary, sexist virtue-signalling,” Senator Chandler was motivated to contact the Department of Health to uncover what was driving its “ideological capture.” More


Two decades of Alzheimer’s research was based on deliberate fraud by 2 scientists that has cost billions of dollars and millions of lives

brains are delicate intruments and Biden's brain is defective Last month, drug company Genentech reported on the first clinical trials of the drug crenezumab, a drug targeting amyloid proteins that form sticky plaques in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients. The drug had been particularly effective in animal models, and the trial results were eagerly awaited as one of the most promising treatments in years. It did not work. “Crenezumab did not slow or prevent cognitive decline” in people with a predisposition toward Alzheimer’s.

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) narrowly approved the use of Aduhelm, a new drug from Biogen that the company has priced so highly that it’s expected to drive up the price of Medicare for everyone in America, even those who never need this drug. Aduhelm was the first drug to be approved that fights the accumulation of those “amyloid plaques” in the brain. What makes the approval of the $56,000-a-dose drug so controversial is that while it does decrease plaques, it doesn’t actually slow Alzheimer’s. More


Model fined $2,600 for not declaring Subway sandwich at airport

that's an expensive subway sandwich in the land down under An Australian model was fined $2,664 for not declaring a Subway sandwich at an airport.

Perth-based model Jessica Lee took to her TikTok to share a clip in which she received a hefty penalty after she returned to Australia from Singapore with the sub.

Lee said that she bought a foot-long sandwich past customs at the Singaporean airport and intended to finish up the second half of the sandwich of finishing the second half on the flight.

But, she didn't finish the sandwich and was unfortunately caught by Australian customs officers after failing to declare the chicken and lettuce in it. More


Uvalde mother says police are harassing her after she saved kids from shooting

Cops let Uvalde school children die A mother who bravely entered Uvalde, Texas’ Robb Elementary School to save her children says she is now being harassed by local police officers.

Angeli Rose Gomez told San Antonio News 4 that she took matters into her own hands during last month’s school shooting massacre that left 19 children and two adults dead.

Gomez said she rushed to the school when she heard an active shooter was on the property. She could hear gunshots and children screaming as she came face-to-face with officers standing outside the school doors. The officers told her she could not enter the school and momentarily put her in handcuffs as she tried to enter the school.

After convincing them that she would calm down they released her from the cuffs, she said. More


Anti-LGBTQ+ ‘groomer’ slur banned on Reddit in bid to tackle hate speech

things are getting very groomy on Reddit Reddit has banned the anti-LGBTQ+ slur “groomer” under its hate speech policy, as well as any other reference to LGBTQ+ people as “paedophiles”.

The vile slur, which conflates LGBTQ+ identities with paedophilia, has been increasing in use online, and has now been banned by Reddit as hate speech.

Journalist Alejandra Caraballo explained on Twitter that the social media platform will now “enforce their hate speech policy on content that utilizes the groomer libel”, which means that posts containing the slur will break Reddit policy and could be taken down. More


Texas school district’s new dress code bans hoodies, limits dresses, skirts to 4th grade students and younger

Forney ISD superintendent says ‘we are so excited to reset this bar with you FORNEY, Texas – A North Texas school district is under fire for a new student dress code that bans the use of hoodies and limits who can wear dresses, skirts and skorts.

Forney Independent School District, located east of Dallas, made two significant changes for the upcoming school year, which is scheduled to start on Aug. 11.

No clothing with hoods (such as hoodies, jackets, coats, etc.) may be worn inside FISD buildings at any time and dresses, skirts and skorts are only allowed for Pre-K through 4th-grade students, according to the new dress code policy.

FISD officials released a statement regarding the changes saying the dress code “is established to improve student self-esteem, bridge socio-economic differences among students, and promote positive behavior, thereby enhancing school safety and improving the learning environment.” More


Uvalde shooting could have been stopped in 3 minutes; it took over an hour: Texas official

Texas Department of Public Safety director Col. Steve McCraw A top law enforcement official from Texas gave a scathing critique of the police response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde during a Texas senate committee hearing on Tuesday.

Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told state officials that within three minutes of when the shooting began, there were enough police officers at the scene to stop the shooting.

“Three minutes after the subject entered the west building, there was a sufficient number of Instead, officers waited more than an hour to breach the classroom door where the gunman was still actively shooting victims.armed officers wearing body armour to isolate, distract and neutralize the subject,” McCraw said.

Instead, officers waited more than an hour to breach the classroom door where the gunman was still actively shooting victims. More


'A Provocation to Men From Other Cultures': Swedish Asylum Forbids Ukrainian Women to Wear Shorts

The hotel manager said that they should not be dressed in flimsy clothes which show off body parts Female asylum seekers from Ukraine living in the Galaxen Hotel in the town of Olofström in southern Sweden's Blekinge County have come under a strict dress code, Swedish Radio reported.

Tiny shorts - also known as hot pants - and blouses showing off the midriff are some of the clothes that Ukrainian women have been told not to wear. The formal explanation provided by the authorities is that it “can provoke men from others cultures” who live at the same hotel.

Although this measure is apparently designed to protect the women themselves, refugee activist Gitana Bengtsson is strongly critical of the dress code. More


Woke health experts ordered midwives to say “front hole” instead of vagina

It seems that healthcare is not immune to the insanity of woke gender nonsense Health chiefs at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust recently ordered midwives to refrain from saying the biologically correct term “vagina” and instead to opt for the degrading-alternative “front hole” or “genital opening.”

Horrified midwives who were too afraid to speak out were banned from saying the word while speaking to transgender or non- binary patients. “Some individuals may have preferred terminology for their anatomy,” the care guide writes.

“These should be used wherever possible. For example, some people may talk about ‘front hole’ or ‘genital opening’ rather than ‘vagina.'” While dealing with pregnant women, midwives are told to write down their patients’ preferred terms in a document called “My Language Preferences.” More


Saint Louis University Police Escorts Conservative Speaker Off Campus While Leftist Protesters Gathered

A conservative speaker was asked by campus police to leave the premises of Saint Louis University after showing up to a leftist protest.

Conservative commentator and speaker Elisha Krauss was escorted by campus police off the premises of Saint Louis University in Missouri on Tuesday where she demonstrated her free speech rights amidst a group of leftist protesters.

Krauss is associated with Young America's Foundation (YAF), a conservative youth organization founded in 1969 that hosts a number of conferences, campus lectures, and initiatives geared towards students.

"Proud to take a stand against the intolerant left who for two hours called me an old a--, a b----, and a fascist. I defend their rights to free speech the same as anyone else," Krauss told The Daily Wire's Ian Haworth of her experience being escorted off campus property. "Too bad they wouldn't engage in a discussion or debate about political beliefs." More


Google launches ‘woke’ writing function touting ‘inclusive language’

Google has rolled out a new "inclusive language" function Google has rolled out a new “inclusive language” function that is intended to steer its users away from what it deems to be politically incorrect words, like “landlord” and “mankind.”

Google Docs introduced the “woke” feature this month that shows pop-up warnings to people typing in words or phrases considered to be non-inclusive, such as “policeman,” “fireman” or “housewife.”

The online word processor’s algorithm will alert them that their chosen terms “may not be inclusive to all readers” and then goes a step further by suggesting alternative, more inclusive words to use. For example, it might suggest “humankind” instead of the gendered “mankind,” or “police officer” instead of “policeman.” More


Aliquippa Junior Senior High School enforcing limits on snacks starting Monday

school daze for hungry students ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — The Aliquippa Junior Senior High School is limiting what snacks students can take to school starting Monday.

The district posted the new rule on Facebook which has hundreds of comments and shares. It said that due to excessive amounts of snacks being brought in, each student will only be permitted to have a bag of chips of up to 4 ounces and one closed drink of up to 20 ounces.

Some parents said that’s reasonable.

“I’ve seen some of the snacks kids are bringing in when I drop my daughter off,” said parent Janisha Walker. “I’m asking daughter like, ‘Are they setting up a small store? Why are they carrying a variety box of chips and two liters of soda into the school?’” More


Leaked: New Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like “Union,” “Restrooms,” “Pay Raise,” and “Plantation”

An Amazon delivery driver pushes a cart of groceries outside a distribution facility Amazon will block and flag employee posts on a planned internal messaging app that contain keywords pertaining to labor unions, according to internal company documents reviewed by The Intercept. An automatic word monitor would also block a variety of terms that could represent potential critiques of Amazon’s working conditions, like “slave labor,” “prison,” and “plantation,” as well as “restrooms” — presumably related to reports of Amazon employees relieving themselves in bottles to meet punishing quotas.

“Our teams are always thinking about new ways to help employees engage with each other,” said Amazon spokesperson Barbara M. Agrait. “This particular program has not been approved yet and may change significantly or even never launch at all.” More


Texas teacher resigns after science experiment leaves 12-year-old student with possible 3rd degree burns

teacher gives students the wrong lesson about science GRANBURY, Texas - A teacher is out of a job and a student has serious burns after an in-class science experiment goes awry in Granbury.

The incident happened at Granbury Middle School, about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth. When asked by a news crew, many parents said they were unaware their kids would literally be playing with fire.

As it stands, parents are taking sides online. Some are defending the teacher, who the district says has resigned, others call the experiment -- that involved starting a fire on students hands -- inexcusable.

Photos posted online show the blisters from serious burns the student suffered on April 1. Parents claim it happened after a class finished a test early and a teacher asked students if they wanted to see something 'cool'. More


How Goldman Sachs profits from war in Ukraine, loophole in sanctions

Soldiers arrive to reinforce one of the final checkpoints before the frontlines where Ukrainian forces are battling invading Russian forces Goldman Sachs, the giant New York investment bank, is cashing in on the war in Ukraine by selling Russian debt to U.S. hedge funds — and using a legal loophole in the Biden administration’s sanctions to do it.

As the Western world scrambles to defend Ukraine by locking down Russian money, the company is acting as a broker between Moscow’s creditors and U.S. investors, pitching clients on the opportunity to take advantage of Russia’s war-crippled economy by buying its debt securities low now and selling them high later, according to four financial world sources familiar with the strategy.

An investor who declined a Goldman trader’s offer to add Russian debt to his hedge fund’s portfolio — because of the war — said the trader suggested he could “just put it in your personal account” to avoid scrutiny. More


Peabody high school teacher suspended after showing class pornographic pictures, superintendent says

special instruction available in this class A Peabody high school teacher has been put on administrative leave after being accused of showing pornographic images to an entire class on Monday, Feb. 7, Superintendent Josh Vadala stated in a press release.

The high school teacher plugged their personal computer into a classroom projector and a series of pornographic images from what appeared to be a Google image search were displayed onto the projector, Vadala said in the press release. The teacher’s name was not released. “The employee was immediately placed on leave, and the district began meeting with students and contacting their parents,” the statement said.

“The district launched an internal investigation and, consistent with their policies and procedures, contacted the Peabody Police Department.” More


Car companies stand to make billions by charging you monthly fees for add-on features like heated seats

For automakers, the advantage of this model is clear How would you feel about paying $5 each month for the ability to lock and unlock your car from a distance through an app? What about a $25-per-month charge for advanced cruise control or $10 to access heated seats? What if those charges continued long after your car was paid off?

As vehicles become increasingly connected to the internet, car companies aim to rake in billions by having customers pay monthly or annual subscriptions to access certain features. Not content with the relatively low-margin business of building and selling cars, automakers are eager to pull down Silicon Valley-style profits. But unlike with Netflix , you won't be able to use your ex-girlfriend's uncle's login in your new BMW. More


Akron suspect mixes up two Ottawas in alleged bomb threat

man from Akron, Ohio, who is facing potential criminal charges after he allegedly called in a bomb threat to police in PUTNAM COUNTY — Ottawa, Ontario, is the capital city of Canada and current home to a massive protest by over-the-road truck drivers angry about mask mandates related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ottawa, Ohio, is none of the above.

Apparently some people are struggling to grasp the difference, none more so than a 20-year-old man from Akron, Ohio, who is facing potential criminal charges after he allegedly called in a bomb threat to police in the wrong Ottawa on Monday.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Captain Brad Brubaker said the man called their office saying he was going to set off a bomb in Ottawa. More


Family facing eviction upset with Ronald McDonald House after COVID vaccine policy update

Ronald McDonald is not a happy clown in clown world A family says they will be evicted from a Ronald McDonald House facility in Vancouver because they are not vaccinated.

Austin Furgason, the father of a four-year-old being treated for cancer, received a letter from a senior director at Ronald McDonald House’s Heather Street location, outlining an updated COVID-19 vaccination policy. The charity that provides housing and support for families with children facing serious medical issues will soon require anyone staying at or visiting the BC & Yukon facilities to show proof of vaccination. The new mandate will be in effect by January 17.

“Because we don’t have the vaccine, you’re going to throw us (out) into the snow…. This is some type of crazy evil I have never seen in my life,” he said in a video he posted online. More


Gov. Tom Wolf Vetoes Republican Bill To Post School Course Materials Online

Tom Woof won't let the public see what children are being taught in schools HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would have required school districts to post information about textbooks, course material and state academic standards online.

The Democratic governor said the legislation “politicizes what is being taught in our schools” and that state regulations already require public schools to provide similar material upon request. Wolf calls the vetoed bill’s requirements duplicative and overly burdensome.

“This legislation is a thinly veiled attempt to restrict truthful instruction and censor content reflecting various cultures, identities, and experiences,” Wolf said in a veto message explaining his action. “My administration is committed to creating a safe learning environment for all students, and we will not take part in this dangerous and harmful imposition.”. More


A Canadian restaurant was closed after it accepted dog photos instead of vaccination proof

pooch pic replaces vaxx pass The Granary Kitchen, a popular neighborhood restaurant in the city of Red Deer in Alberta, Canada, is back open to indoor dining this week after health officials shuttered it for several days after inspectors discovered that the restaurant was allowing patrons to enter who, instead of showing proof of vaccination, shared pictures of dogs.

After getting a tip that patrons were submitting pictures of pooches instead of the required documents, health inspectors sent two separate "test shoppers" to check. In both cases, "staff used a tablet to make it appear as if they were scanning a QR code when in fact the staff member was presented with a photograph of a dog," Alberta health officials said in an order on Friday in which it shut down the indoor dining area. More


Douglas County parent of a child with disabilities vows to fight end of mask mandate: “I will 100% be suing”

Residents opposed to mandatory masking in Douglas County schools hold signs during an August school board meeting The battle over masks in schools that has defined much of the fall semester in the Douglas County School District will likely stretch into winter, with at least one parent of a student with disabilities vowing to take the district to court following the school board’s decision early Wednesday morning to drop universal masking.

“I will 100% be suing,” said Kate Gould, mother to a 4th-grader at Heritage Elementary School in Highlands Ranch. Gould said she felt “profound sadness, profound anger” in the wake of the Douglas County school board’s decision to end a mask mandate that she insists is critical to protecting her son against catching coronavirus, which she said could trigger severe illness or be fatal given his compromised lung function as a child with cystic fibrosis. More


COVID-19 vaccine now mandatory to get euthanized in Germany

Germany enforces clot shot before death shot Amid rising COVID infections and the looming possibility of mandatory vaccination across Europe, the German Euthanasia Association Verein Sterbehilfe is ahead of the curve. In a statement made this week, the organization declared it will only euthanize those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease.

“Euthanasia and the preparatory examination of the voluntary responsibility of our members willing to die require human closeness,” they said. “Human closeness, however, is a prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. As of today, the 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms.” More


Scottish Police Log Arrested Male Rapists as Women if They 'Self-Identify'

Police Scotland confirmed that it was already allowing criminals to claim trans status The devolved Scottish administration led by the SNP is seeking to change the law to allow men who self-identify as trans, without a medical diagnosis, access to women-only spaces — including prisons, if they commit rape.

An MP and former Scottish justice secretary has condemned the "absurdity" of police recording rapists as women if they "identify as a female".

East Lothian MP Kenny MacAskill wrote to Police Scotland to ask how it would record sex crimes if the new Gender Recognition Reform Bill in the devolved Holyrood parliament becomes law. More

Whitney High School alum petitions to fire teacher over controversial quiz question

The quiz was originally given out to students on Thursday, Nov. 4 ROCKLIN, Calif. — A social science teacher at Whitney High School in Rocklin is receiving backlash online after giving out a controversial quiz in class.

A friend of a Whitney High School parent posted a photo of the quiz question on Facebook, which read:

"A group of complete idiots

a. KKK

b. all of Florida

c. Fox News

d. Texans”

Jessa Krissovich said she posted the photo because the student and mom were worried about potential fallout if they posted the photo themselves.

"I just feel that the kids should be supported in this. We live in the United States where everyone has a different background. No one should feel bad for who they are, whether their religion or political beliefs," Jessa Krissovich told ABC10. More


Surgeon fired after speaking up against student mask mandates at school board meeting

Elementary kids wearing masks A surgeon said he was fired after speaking up against a Minnesota school district’s new mask mandate for students, suggesting at a public school board meeting that families should make the decision whether to mask their children.

“Who does God put in charge of these kids? Their parents,” Dr. Jeffrey Horak said at a Fergus Falls school-board meeting on Oct. 11. “God gave each one of these kids to their parents and they speak for them. They may be wrong, they may be dumb, they may be perfect in their decisions. But it’s still their responsibility. It’s not yours, God gave it to them, honor their wishes – either side of the fence.”

Nine days after speaking out against the new mandate at a public school board meeting, Horak said he was fired from his job with Lake Region Healthcare on Oct. 20. More


Riverside teacher placed on leave after mimicking Native Americans during math class

a math teacher at Riverside’s North High School is seen wearing a faux Native American headdress and dancing around A student’s video of a Riverside teacher wearing a faux Native American headdress and dancing in front of her math class has gone viral and sparked calls to fire the instructor and halt teaching tactics perceived as disrespectful to some cultures.

In the video, which hit social media Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 20, and blew up on the internet, the John W. North High School teacher — who was placed on leave — appears to be sharing with students the word “SohCahToa,” a mnemonic device used to help students remember advanced mathematics concepts. Community leaders, educators and former North High students blasted the teacher’s behavior as racially insensitive. More


A man spent most of his covid-19 business loan on a $57,789 Pokémon card

prosecutors accused Vinath Oudomsine of lying to the government about the size of his business Justice Department news releases document a litany of luxury items allegedly bought with pandemic aid meant to keep struggling businesses afloat.

One man was charged with spending his loan money on strip clubs. Another pleaded guilty to using his funds for a $318,000 Lamborghini.

But Vinath Oudomsine may be the only person accused of using his small-business loan on a single Pokémon card. Prosecutors say the card cost the Georgia man $57,789 - more than two-thirds of his federal aid, which officials say was based on false information. More


Seattle school cancels Halloween over ‘equity,’ says Black kids don’t celebrate

Nothing says equity quite like making every student miss out on the fun because some administrator invented a scenario where students feel excluded A Seattle elementary school canceled Halloween activities over concerns about student equity and inclusion. Specifically, Seattle Public Schools says Black males do not celebrate and, more generally, students of color feel marginalized by the holiday. One parent, however, thinks this is an “exercise in affluent white vanity that is wokeism.”

Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary (B.F. Day) in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood typically hosts Halloween festivities each year. They include a “Pumpkin Parade” where students wear costumes if they choose. But the school administration changed its focus to “foundational beliefs around equity for our students and families,” and, consequently, they’re canceling Halloween. More


Merck Sells Federally Financed Covid Pill to U.S. for 40 Times What It Costs to Make

afloat on a sea of pills A five-day course of molnupiravir, the new medicine being hailed as a “huge advance” in the treatment of Covid-19, costs $17.74 to produce, according to a report issued last week by drug pricing experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and King’s College Hospital in London. Merck is charging the U.S. government $712 for the same amount of medicine, or 40 times the price. Last Friday’s announcement that the new medicine cut the risk of hospitalization among clinical trial participants with moderate or mild illness in half could have huge implications for the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because it’s a pill — as opposed to monoclonal antibodies, a comparable antiviral treatment that is administered intravenously — molnupiravir is expected to be more widely used and will hopefully cut the death rate. More


NYC Cracking Down on Illegal Dirt Bikes and ATV’s “We’re Gonna Crush It”

I don’t get why state/local governments destroy stuff like this Staten Island, NY -New York City officials have a message for operators of illegal dirt bikes and ATV’s, “we gonna crush it.” NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner Robert Martinez held a press conference on Staten Island Thursday afternoon at the Fresh Kills Plant on Muldoon Avenue on Staten Island where the illegal bikes and ATV’s are crushed after being seized.

De Blasio said, “these dirt bikes are dangerous.” Eight people have died in dirt bike or off road vehicle accidents this year, more than 350-people have been injured. More


Anti-vaxxers are now identifying themselves as ‘pure bloods’

So first you were comparing yourselves to the Jews and the Holocaust, and now you’re the Nazis A week ago, if you searched “pure blood” on TikTok, you would probably only see videos from Harry Potter enthusiasts. Now, however, you’ll get a “distressing content” warning and videos of anti-vaxxers claiming the phrase as their new nickname.

It is not entirely clear who started the trend, but the popularity of a video posted by TikTok user @kats.outta.the.bag suggests that it originated with her. The now-deleted video shows the TikToker with a static, black and white filter and on-screen text that reads, “We will No longer be referred To as Unvaxxed… We simply go by….” She then covers the camera with her arm as the beat drops and pulls it back to reveal a colorful, smoky filter and the phrase “Pure blood” highlighted in red. More


‘Very uncomfortable’: Sartell student says she was asked to hide ‘equity survey’ from parents

Parents and community members gather for a Monday night school board meeting in Sartell to protest the district's partnership with Equity Alliance Minnesota ABipartisan grassroots campaigns pushing back against critical race theory (CRT) have occurred around America in 2021, from wealthy liberal enclaves to small Minnesota towns.

At a school board meeting this week held in Sartell, just north of Saint Cloud, the dialogue surrounding CRT-influenced curricula continued.

Community members again discussed Equity Alliance Minnesota (EAM), a left-wing group hired earlier this year for an $80,000 audit on “racial inequities” within the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. Students were required to complete a survey for the audit but weren’t allowed to discuss its contents with their parents, according to student Haylee Yasgar. More


'Woke coke': Drug dealers marketing 'ethically sourced' cocaine

Users are being sold so-called 'woke coke'

Brits looking to ease their conscience over their involvement in bloody drug wars overseas are now being targeted by cynical dealers selling what they claim is "ethically sourced" cocaine.

Users have revealed a high demand for the so-called "woke coke" at posh dinner parties across the UK.

Drug policy expert Neil Woods told the Daily Mirror: "I have been shown ads for 'environmentally friendly sniff' but it's nothing but a very clever marketing ploy. He revealed that users were paying through the nose for the gimmick. More


Staff at socialist magazine Current Affairs are fired after trying to start a worker co-op

Current Affairs founder and editor Nathan J. Robinson, an outspoken socialist, has fired most of his staff after they tried to organize a worker cooperative The majority of the staff of the socialist magazine Current Affairs has been fired in a feud with the founder, whom they say crushed their plans for a worker cooperative for fear of losing his grip on power.

Distraught former staffers announced the shakeup in a lengthy statement on Wednesday, saying founder and editor Nathan J. Robinson ‘has effectively fired us for organizing for better working conditions.’

‘Yes, we were fired by the editor-in-chief of a socialist magazine for trying to start a worker co-op,’ the plaintive ‘Dear comrades’ letter read.

Robinson, an outspoken socialist with an allegedly fake British accent and a taste for boutonnières and brightly colored suits, apologized in a public statement, saying: ‘I screwed up badly and did not live up to my values.’ More


Solar Panel Manufacturer That Hasn't Produced Solar Panels Since 2017 Seeks Extension of Solar Panel Tariffs

What good is protectionism that isn't protecting anything? One of the companies clamoring for an extension of American tariffs on imported solar panels hasn't actually built a solar panel in several years—and it doesn't appear to do much of anything right now.

Suniva, an Atlanta-based firm founded in 2007, is one of two companies to formally petition the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to extend former President Donald Trump's 30 percent tariffs on imported solar panels. Those tariffs, imposed in 2018 and scheduled to expire in 2022, currently add 18 percent to the cost of imported solar panels. In their petition, Suniva and Auxin Solar told the ITC that the extension was necessary "to secure America's solar energy independence." More


University of Wisconsin moves boulder seen as symbol of racism

The removal was a painstaking process that lasted just over four hours The University of Wisconsin–Madison moved the former Chamberlin Rock, an object that had become a painful symbol of racism to generations of students, to a site off the main campus on August 6.

The rock had sat at the crest of Observatory Hill since 1925. That same year, it was referred to in a newspaper headline by a deeply offensive nickname that included a racial slur. The derogatory nickname was commonly used at the time to refer to any large, dark rock.

The Wisconsin Black Student Union, in partnership with the Native American student organization Wunk Sheek, led an effort to remove the rock from campus. UW–Madison’s main campus is on ancestral Ho-Chunk land. More


Snopes co-founder banned for plagiarizing dozens of stories on fact-checking site

Snopes chact fecker business has a seedy side to it David Mikkelson, the co-founder of the fact-checking website Snopes, has long presented himself as the arbiter of truth online, a bulwark in the fight against rumors and fake news. But he has been lying to the site's tens of millions of readers: A BuzzFeed News investigation has found that between 2015 and 2019, Mikkelson wrote and published dozens of articles containing material plagiarized from news outlets such as the Guardian and the LA Times.

After inquiries from BuzzFeed News, Snopes conducted an internal review and confirmed that under a pseudonym, the Snopes byline, and his own name, Mikkelson wrote and published 54 articles with plagiarized material. The articles include such topics as same-sex marriage licenses and the death of musician David Bowie. More


Parents Urged To Ask Babies for Consent To Change Diapers

because a baby might enjoy residing in a diaper full of shit An Australian childcare chain has suggested parents should be asking permission before changing their child's diapers. The advice was issued by Only About Children, which runs more than seventy-five early learning centers across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

The chain has expressed that parents should be putting themselves in their child's shoes and asking if they were a baby, how would you like to have your diaper changed.

"The most significant thing about a nappy change is not the new nappy," the chain wrote, "It's the good feelings shared between baby and parent. It's the relationship. How can you slow down your nappy changes and give them your full attention?" More


Don't Ban CRT. Expose It.

At a rally against CRT being taught in schools in Leesburg, Virginia The stories in the mainstream media this past week about the broadening campaign to ban critical race theory in public schools have been fascinating — and particularly in how they describe what CRT is.

Here’s the Atlantic’s benign summary of CRT: “recent reexaminations of the role that slavery and segregation have played in American history and the attempts to redress those historical offenses.” NBC News calls it the “academic study of racism’s pervasive impact.” NPR calls CRT: “teaching about the effects of racism.” The New York Times calls it, with a straight face, “classroom discussion of race, racism” and goes on to describe it as a “framework used to look at how racism is woven into seemingly neutral laws and institutions.” More


Why a Texas congressman asked the Forest Service to move the moon to fight climate change

lunacy takes many forms In a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on Tuesday, Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who sits on the committee, asked Jennifer Eberlien, associate deputy chief of the US Forest Service, if it was possible to alter the orbits of the moon, or the Earth, as a way of combating climate change. More


'The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind'

A psychiatrist lecturing at Yale's Child Study Center spoke about 'unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.' A few weeks ago, someone sent me a recording of a talk called “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.”

It was delivered at the Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Center by a New York-based psychiatrist as part of Grand Rounds, an ongoing program in which clinicians and others in the field lecture students and faculty.

When I listened to the talk I considered the fact that it might be some sort of elaborate prank. But looking at the doctor’s social media, it seems completely genuine. More


CDC says sudden reversal on mask policy driven by 'evolving science,' not by Biden

The sight of protective masks in public will start to fade away as totally vaccinated Americans feel safe to go out without them The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention flipped the script on masks based on plummeting cases and “evolving science” about the COVID-19 vaccines, its director said Sunday, attempting to quell suspicion that the administration whisked out the guidance to give President Biden a win in a rough week.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky pointed to improving pandemic metrics and new studies that show the vaccines thwart transmission and combat variants of the coronavirus.

“Really, just in the last two weeks, we’ve had a lot of evolving science,” Dr. Walensky told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “This was not permission to shed masks for everybody everywhere. This was really science-driven, individual assessment of your risk.” More


Company selling knitted genitalia for transgender children responds to backlash

Stitchbug Studio have been slammed for flogging 'disturbing' knitted 'packers' for trans kids to put in their underwear A small "queer-owned" company that sells youth-sized knitted penises for transgender children or their parents responded to a wave of backlash on Monday that suggested the fake genitals were designed for infants.

Stitchbug Studio sells a product called the "Bitty Bug," which has been dubbed a "custom prosthetic packer" in "youth sizes." The small knitted penises quickly became the subject of controversy as some pointed to the item potentially being used for infants in diapers.

"Our packers are made for the trans community, and the people who support them. We recently faced some pretty intense 'attention' from the Twittersphere when two trans-unaware people made some rather strange assumptions about our youth packers sizes, namely that they were intended for use on infants. (Like... what?)," the company wrote in a Facebook post. More


Edmond Supt. Says Parents Upset About School Mask Policy Shared His Address Online

parents are kept in the dark like mushrooms EDMOND, Oklahoma - The Edmond Public Schools superintendent told News 9 parents have gone too far after someone posted his address in a Facebook group.

Superintendent Bret Towne said the post borders on a threat and fewer restrictions are around the corner.

Right now, masks are required for everyone but pre-K and kindergarten. But masks are required for even those grades when students are around a crowd. "I just think there's no way to continue to justify it at this time," said Edmond parent Kristen Grandi. More


Student raises questions about enforcement of Yulee Middle School’s dress code policy

Alice Wagner Florida Yulee Middle school eight grade student sexually harassed by teacher over dress code YULEE, Fla. – A student was suspended from Yulee Middle School after clashing with administrators over the school’s dress code, News4Jax learned Tuesday.

Eighth grader Alice Wagner told News4Jax a teacher singled her out for an outfit that was considered too revealing. Specifically, Wagner said the teacher made a remark about her body as she was leaving the classroom.

“(The teacher) told me I was ‘letting them hang out for the whole world to see,’ as I was exiting the classroom,” Wagner said. “I went to the bathroom and I came back and I said, ‘You need to stop sexualizing 14-year-old girls.’ I grabbed my stuff and I removed myself from the situation.” More


Puyallup district pays $7.75 million to settle suit claiming ex-teacher abused 7 boys

This shows then-Kalles Junior High teacher and coach Tim Paulsen, during the 1997-1998 school year Over more than a dozen years, former Puyallup junior high teacher and coach Tim Paulsen focused his attention on boys with troubled home lives and no father figures, according to interviews and court records.

Paulsen openly gave his Kalles Junior High students hugs, held one-on-one meetings with them, wrote them personal letters of encouragement and talked about religion with them, a lawsuit filed last year contends. Sometimes, he’d take the boys on trips, bring them home for sleepovers, even shower with them after games and practices. Along the way, Paulsen sexually molested them, the lawsuit states.

A year after seven former students sued the Puyallup School District for neglecting to prevent the teacher from his “repeated acts of grooming and sexual abuse” during a career that spanned from 1991 to 2004, the district has paid a $7.75 million settlement. More


An exasperated mom shared that her child received ‘Zoom detention’ in a viral Twitter thread

zoom detention is actually a thing Anyone who currently knows any teachers, or who may even be a teacher themselves, are likely aware of the trials and tribulations of remote learning. Adults aren’t the only ones experiencing Zoom fatigue, and it can be difficult enough as it is to get kids to stay focused outside of a pandemic. But the very thought of punishing struggling students may seem absurd, which is why one mom was flabbergasted to learn that her child had received “Zoom detention” for not paying attention in class. More


Florida Woman Faces Fines Over $100,000 For Parking On Part Of Her Lawn

Martinez was fined for violating an ordinance regulating how one can park their car on their own driveway, according to the Institute. A Florida woman is facing fines and fees over $100,000 because her car's tires touched part of her lawn, according to the Institute of Justice (IJ).

Sandy Martinez said she lives with other family members at her home in Lantana, Florida. The homeowner said they all own cars and work hourly jobs, and they try their best to make their vehicles fit in the driveway. Because there's not enough room, Martinez said she chooses to park on her walkway and part of the grass of her property.

As a result, the city of Lantana has been penalizing her $250 a day.

"If I park over the sidewalk, then we’ll get a ticket. We can’t park on the street, because obviously it’s a roadway. We can park in the swell, but it’s very dangerous, so that leaves us no choice but to park in the driveway on my grass," she said in a IJ video. More


HSBC says customers who refuse to wear a face mask will have their accounts withdrawn

The law says you must wear a face mask in all retail outlets - including bank branches and the post officeHSBC has issued a warning to customers as retailers step up coronavirus safety measures amid a further 1,243 deaths.

The lender - which also owns First Direct and Marks & Spencer bank - said customers who break the law could forfeit their bank account.

A spokesman said face masks are mandatory in all branches as per government guidelines. Those who refuse to comply will be refused service and could have their bank accounts withdrawn. More


Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral, will now be called Potato Head; Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will live on in some form

Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister. Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head NEW YORK — Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister.

Hasbro, the company that’s made the potato-shaped plastic toy for nearly 70 years, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year.

Many toymakers have been updating their classic brands in recent years, hoping to relate to today’s kids and reflect more modern families.

“It’s a potato,” said Ali Mierzejewski, editor in chief at toy review site The Toy Insider. “But kids like to see themselves in the toys they are playing with.” More


Vaccine Site Uses Credit History to Verify Patients’ Identities

As confusion about online coronavirus vaccine scheduling continues, some users report facing rejections from a credit monitoring service When retired web developer Catherine Kunicki tried to sign up for her first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in downtown Brooklyn, the AdvantageCare Physicians website rejected her.

She received an error message that her identity couldn't be verified through Experian, a credit monitoring company. She said she's felt "horrified" at the amount of info needed from vaccination scheduling sites before users can even see when there are open slots.

"This one wins, though," she said. More


After Coca-Cola Backlash, LinkedIn Removes Diversity Lesson Telling Employees to 'Be Less White'

things go better with coke - except racist propaganda After a whistleblower complained that Coca-Cola was asking its employees to engage in diversity training offered by LinkedIn Learning that encouraged them to "try to be less white," the social media firm has removed the program.

"The Confronting Racism course featuring Robin DiAngelo is no longer available in our course library, at the request of the 3rd party content provider we licensed this content from," LinkedIn vice president of corporate communications Nicole Leverich told Newsweek in an email on Monday.

"We provide a wide variety of learning content, including more than 270 courses on the topics of diversity, inclusion and belonging," Leverich said. "We will continue to add new courses to help people learn the skills they need to be more successful in their career, including the foundational skills we all need to be effective allies and help build a more equitable future.". More


Justice Department investigating Elon Musk’s SpaceX following complaint of hiring discrimination

A Falcon 9 rocket launches the Transporter-1 mission The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating SpaceX over whether the company discriminates against non-U.S. citizens in its hiring practices and said Elon Musk’s company is stonewalling a subpoena for information, court documents revealed Thursday.

The DOJ’s Immigrant and Employee Rights Section received a complaint of employment discrimination from a non-U.S. citizen claiming that the company discriminated against him based on his citizenship status.

“The charge alleges that on or about March 10, 2020, during the Charging Party’s interview for the position of Technology Strategy Associate, SpaceX made inquiries about his citizenship status and ultimately failed to hire him for the position because he is not a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident,” DOJ attorney Lisa Sandoval wrote in a court document. More


More proof that the COVID vaccine rollout is a complete mess

A doctor injecting vaccine into a patient's arm The COVID-19 pandemic has reached such a dire stage in the US, that the incoming Biden administration has reportedly decided to take a dramatic step in response to it.

Rather than continue the practice of the Trump administration, of holding back enough coronavirus vaccine to guarantee the second “booster” shot to everyone who got the first vaccine dose, the Biden team plans to just release as much coronavirus vaccine as possible to everyone. The thinking is that it doesn’t make sense, to use a military analogy, to worry about conserving ammunition in this war, at a time when more people than ever are dying from the COVID-19 virus. More


Student 'Suspended' For Carrying Classmate Suffering Asthma Attack To Nurse's Office

Ruelas told KCEN: “I was like what? I’m suspended for this? Like, I was trying to help her.” Mandy Cortes, the mother of a 15-year-old boy who was suspended for helping a friend in class, stated that she would not be taking her son back to the school. She vowed to home-school him rather than have him attend Gateway Middle School again.

Anthony Ruelas, Cortes’ son, was suspended for disobeying his teacher. He had chosen to help a classmate who was having an asthma attack by carrying out of the class and into the nurse’s office. Ruelas stated that it seemed like he had spent an eternity watching his classmate wheeze and gag as she struggled to breathe. More


Schererville, Indiana Family Is Poised To Be Evicted For Having Too Many Children

authoritarian governors and public officials have caused untold human suffering SCHERERVILLE, Ind. — With so many jobs lost amid the coronavirus pandemic, eviction is a real concern.

But as CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported Tuesday night, one family in Schererville, Indiana is in fear of losing their home – even though they can pay their rent.

Comforting her 18-month-old while holding her 9-month-old, Julius, is routine for Deborah Rangel. All four of Rangel’s children keep her busy these days, yet keeping a roof over their heads worries the mother most. More


‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry Owns an $12 Million Beachfront Home

like a bad penny that returns, John Kerry is back to grift on public funds John Kerry, the failed 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, has been named by Joe Biden to serve as a special envoy focused on climate change.

“Former Secretary of State John Kerry will fight climate change full-time as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and will sit on the National Security Council,” the Biden-Harris transition team announced on Monday on its website.

“This marks the first time that the NSC will include an official dedicated to climate change, reflecting the president-elect’s commitment to addressing climate change as an urgent national security issue.”

A major tenet of the climate changers is that sea levels are going to rise dramatically, with one estimate saying the levels will jump by six feet or more by 2100. More


Oregon health official dressed as clown while announcing coronavirus deaths

Oregon health official dressed as clown while announcing coronavirus deathsA senior Oregon health official has gone viral after dressing as a clown during the state’s latest coronavirus announcement.

Doctor Claire Poche, a senior health adviser for the Oregon Health Authority, donned white and red clown makeup and a red tie with a polka dot shirt in the sombre clip.

In the bizarre video, Dr Poche announces statistics on recorded cases of the virus and deaths while wearing the costume and maintaining a straight face. “As of today, there have been 38,160 cases of Covid-19 in Oregon, with 390 new cases being reported today,” she said. More


Nurse placed on leave for bragging on TikTok she doesn’t wear a mask

nurse plays loose with safety protocols An Oregon nurse is placed on administrative leave after she posted a TikTok video shunning basic COVID-19 measures.

The since-deleted post from user @Loveiskind05 showed the nurse wearing scrubs and a stethoscope, with the caption, “When my coworkers find out I still travel, don’t wear a mask when I’m out and let my kids have play dates.” A “duet” of the original TikTok remains online.

Users apparently identified the nurse and then alerted her employer, Salem Health.

In a Facebook post Saturday, the hospital thanked community members for reaching out and announced that she had been “placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.” More


Deep Run High School student suspended after protesting against social injustice during virtual class

On Nov. 6, two days after one of his teachers reported him, Vizdos was suspended for two days The slides, flickering silently over Kenton Vizdos’ corner of the virtual classroom the morning after Election Day, wouldn’t result in his suspension. At least, not if the 17-year-old student stopped substituting his face on the screen with photos showing the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and images calling modern-day policemen former “slave catchers.”

He saw the ultimatum as “good trouble,” a nod to civil rights pioneer and Rep. John Lewis, who died in July. The administration called his 55-page slideshow a disruption.

“I’ve been at Deep Run for three years and I’ve seen all of the issues there. How administrators just completely ignore racism and write it off as instances that are untrue,” said Vizdos, who is white. “Or, [they] don’t even follow up at all.” More


Pennsylvania Democrats caught on hot mic laughing about wearing masks as 'political theater'

low hanging corrupt fruit A Pennsylvania state representative was caught on a hot microphone joking about how she would keep her mask on during a press conference as a bit of "political theater."

Rep. Wendy Ullman and Gov. Tom Wolf, both Democrats, held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the future of the Affordable Care Act as the Supreme Court is poised to take up a legal challenge to the healthcare law later this fall. Before the event began, a livestream caught Ullman and Wolf discussing their plans for wearing masks.

"So Wendy, I'm going to take, I'm going to take my mask off when I speak," Wolf said. "I will as well. I'm waiting so that we can do a little political theater," Ullman said as the two laughed. "So that it's on camera." More


Colorado town threatens a year in jail for residents who refuse to wear masks

First offenders will be ticketed with a $15 fine, and second and subsequent offenders will have to shell out $25 The city of Englewood, Colorado, just south of Denver, is requiring all of its residents to wear face masks amid a spike in coronavirus cases — and violators could face up to a year behind bars, coupled with a hefty fine.

The emergency order, issued by City Manager J. Shawn Lewis and approved by the city council Monday, went into effect Thursday. It states that everyone over the age of 6 will be required to wear a mask while outside their homes.

Face masks must be worn inside any retail or commercial business, governmental office, or health care facility, including veterinary offices, officials say. More


Parents upset over survey given to students at a Las Vegas high school

We’re told the survey was given as part of some implicit bias learning LAS VEGAS — A survey given to some high school students in Las Vegas is sparking outrage from parents.

Parents say students at West Technical and Career Academy were asked to answer some pretty controversial questions while in class.

The principal at West Tech in Summerlin says they’re making changes to prevent this type of content from being used in the classroom again.

Some of the questions of concern including how warm or cold the student felt about white people, and if the student would be willing to have a sexual relationship with a black person. More


An Online Student Attended a Rooftop Party. He Was Reported to NYU and Suspended Indefinitely

Universities are punishing kids for partying—after cashing their tuition checks, of course It was a gorgeous August weekend in New York City, and Andy—a college senior at New York University (NYU)—decided to attend a rooftop social gathering with his roommates.

The party was consistent with New York City's Phase 4 COVID-19 guidelines, which allow events of up to 50 people. Many attendees went mask-less, but Andy says he didn't stand in close proximity to anyone other than his roommates—who are also students—and they left after a short while.

But unbeknownst to Andy—whose name has been changed for this article to protect his privacy—someone at the party posted a video of the event on social media. Andy never saw this video, but he knows that he was visible in it. The video was reported to NYU administrators via the university's COVID-19 compliance system. More


Harvard professor wants to ban homeschooling because it’s ‘authoritarian’

Elizabeth Bartholet nutter at large A Harvard University law professor has sparked controversy after calling for a ban on homeschooling.

Elizabeth Bartholet told Harvard Magazine that it gives parents “authoritarian” control over their kids — and can even expose them to white supremacy and misogyny.

“The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think that’s dangerous,” Bartholet said. “I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.” More


Shelby County woman who passed away 6 months ago gets letter saying she is COVID-19 positive

She died in February but the test supposedly took place in JuneMEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County man questions what is going on at the Shelby County Health Department.

His mother died six months ago, but the health department just sent her a letter saying she is COVID-19 positive. Troy Whittington said he was surprised when he opened the letter this week from the Shelby County Health Department. He knew what was in that letter was false.

"I'm just having a hard time understanding how they can say someone has COVID-19 when they are not even alive," said Whittington. Whittington said a letter arrived from the Shelby County Health Department for his mother, Sandra Whittington. The letter says she has been diagnosed as COVID positive and needed to isolate. More


Hair salon banned from advertising job for 'happy' stylist - because it 'discriminates against unhappy people'

the word happy is a discriminatory word and we aren’t allowed to use it A hair salon says it was told by a job centre it couldn't run an advert recruiting a 'happy' stylist because the word is 'discriminatory' - against unhappy people.

Alison Birch listed a job ad looking for a part-time qualified hairdresser at her AJ's Unisex Hair Salon in Stroud, Glos.

The position called for someone with five years experience of working in a salon, who is "confident in barbering as well as all aspects of hairdressing".

And the advert stated: "This is a busy, friendly, small salon, so only happy, friendly stylist need apply." But yesterday (Weds) Alison says she received a call her local job centre informing her they could not run her advert - because the word 'happy' is considered 'discriminatory'. More


Parler, the "free speech" alternative to Twitter, keeps banning people

it undoubtedly undercuts the site’s reputation as a “free speech alternative to Twitter,” especially since Twitter allows much of what Parler doesn’t Last week, Sen. Ted Cruz encouraged his conservative followers to help “end the Silicon Valley censorship” by joining him on Parler, a “non-biased free speech driven entity” that really “gets what free speech is all about.”

Parler began banning people almost immediately.

“If you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler,” CEO John Matze told CNBC last week, just days before declaring that you can’t repeatedly say “fuck you” to people or threaten to kill them, two things that happen daily on the streets of New York City. Other stuff that can get you banned: Pornography, obscene usernames like “CumDumpster,” and “pictures of your fecal matter.” More


12-year-old suspended over toy gun seen in virtual class

Isaiah Elliott, a seventh grader at Grand Mountain School in Colorado Springs, was suspended for five days after a teacher saw him with a toy gun during a remote classCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A 12-year-old boy has been suspended for having a toy gun he never brought to school.

Isaiah Elliott attends Grand Mountain, a K-8 grade school in the Widefield District #3, just south of Colorado Springs.

On Thursday, Aug. 27, the seventh grader was attending on online art class when a teacher saw Isaiah flash a toy gun across his computer screen. The toy in question is a neon green and black handgun with an orange tip with the words “Zombie Hunter” printed on the side. The teacher notified the school principal who suspended Isaiah for five days and called the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check on the boy without calling his parents first. More


Employees need masks even for at-home Zoom calls, Wisconsin agency says.

mask the face and have a face diaper Some Wisconsin state officials aren’t fooling around when it comes to the spread of COVID-19.

In an email to employees sent out on July 31, the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources not only reminded employees of Gov. Tony Evers’ mask order going into effect on Aug. 1, he also said that every DNR employee must wear a mask ... even while on a teleconference.

“Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen — such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff,” Preston Cole said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Set the safety example which shows you as a DNR public service employee care about the safety and health of others.” More


Louisiana man serving life for $30 marijuana sale set to be released under deal with DA

Deputy Solicitor General Michelle Ghetti rebuttals in front of the Louisiana Supreme Court Justices An Abbeville man who was serving a life prison sentence as a habitual offender over a $30 marijuana sale is getting out.

Prosecutors in Vermilion Parish on Thursday agreed to cut Derek Harris loose after nine years, following a decision last month by the Louisiana Supreme Court to grant him a new hearing over his sentence.

Cormac Boyle, an attorney with the Promise of Justice Initiative who represents Harris, said 15th Judicial District Attorney Keith Stutes’ office agreed that Harris had received ineffective assistance of counsel at his sentencing hearing. More


Remote learning dress code has some parents frustrated

school district authoritarian micro manage students SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Springfield School District has a dress code for students who are doing remote learning. There’s one specific rule that has made some parents upset.

The handbook says kids are not allowed to wear pajamas while doing classes online at home. Some parents are angry saying the district shouldn’t be telling them what they can’t do in their own homes.

Elizabeth Ballinger says, “I made the decision for my kids to be at home and I don’t really see how any district can come in and say what my kid can’t wear in my house. I don’t think they have any right to say what happens in my house. I think they have enough to worry about as opposed to what the kids are wearing. They need to make sure they’re getting educated.” More


Destruction of ancient Aboriginal site sparks calls for reform in Australia

There are less than a handful of known Aboriginal sites in Australia that are as old as this one ... its importance cannot be underestimated SYDNEY, - It stood for over 46,000 years, but in a matter of seconds a site of major significance to the world's oldest living culture was destroyed by a global mining giant.

Caves used as Aboriginal shelters in Western Australia's Pilbara region were legally demolished by Rio Tinto on Sunday, prompting outcry and reigniting national debate on the protection of indigenous heritage sites.

The blast came days before Australia's national Reconciliation Week, which aims to strengthen relationships between First Nations people and non-indigenous people. More


Top L.A. Democrat Pushed To Cut LAPD Funding While Having Private LAPD Detail At Her Home Since April

Neighbors confirmed to Brunell that the officers have been stationed in front of the home for the last two months Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, a Democrat, pushed to make drastic cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) funding amid a nationwide campaign by the far-left to defund police departments — a move she made while having an LAPD unit stationed outside her private home since April.

Spectrum News 1 journalist Natalie Brunell reported that the unit, which guards Martinez’s home, usually includes two police officers and has been in place for the last two months. More


Woman Set Up a Little Free Pantry Without a Permit, County Threatened Criminal Charges

A civil rights lawsuit alleges that the government violated Kathy Hay's constitutional rights when it shuttered her free pantryIt started with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a desire to help the community. It ended with the government threatening criminal charges.

"For 16 years, our family struggled with food and security, and a lot of people don't understand how hard it is if they don't struggle with that," says Kathy Hay, who notes she is in a much better financial place now. "I'm always looking for ways to help people that are having a hard time."

Inspired by the leftovers from a pot of chicken soup she'd made, Hay started researching ways to start a little free pantry in her Asotin County, Washington, neighborhood. In December she set one up in her backyard, replete with refrigerated food, canned goods, and produce—all available for free to those struggling to make ends meet. More


State investigates dozens of car dealerships for possibly violating stay-home order

if dealerships are found guilty of violating the proclamation, DOL has the authority to suspend or revoke business licenses or pursue a criminal penalty SEATTLE -- The state is investigating dozens of car dealerships for possibly violating the governor's stay-home order in April, according to documents obtained.

Most vehicle dealerships across the state have been collecting dust the past six weeks to comply with the stay-home order, with some reporting its sales have dropped more than 90 percent. Dealerships were allowed to sell vehicles on a very limited basis during this time.

But the Department of Licensing confirmed it is looking into about 25 dealerships where the number of title transfers raised red flags. Those dealerships processed more than 100 vehicle title applications between April 1 and April 16. More


Tanzania president angry as pawpaw and goat test positive for coronavirus

Tanzania president angry as pawpaw and goat test positive for coronavirusSpeaking at an event in Chato in northwestern Tanzania on Sunday, Magufuli alleged there were "technical errors" with the tests, hence he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits.

Reports say the country’s health officials had randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages before submitting them to Tanzania's laboratory to test for the coronavirus.

Interestingly, the lab technicians had not had any clue about the origins of the samples submitted to them for testing. To the surprise of the government, samples from the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for COVID-19, making the president suspect that some people who were being tested positive for the deadly virus may not have been infected after all. More


Baltimore boy's BB guns seen during virtual class sparks police visit

Courtney Lancaster, a Navy veteran and Baltimore mother, is outraged after she says police showed up at her home last week to investigate a complaint from her son’s school over BB guns that were seen during a virtual learning lesson A Baltimore mother is outraged after she says police showed up at her home last week to investigate a complaint from her son’s school over BB guns that were seen during a virtual learning lesson.

Courtney Lancaster, a Navy veteran, told a local Fox affiliate that her 11-year-old son, a fifth-grader at Seneca Elementary School, is a Boy Scout who is trained in archery and firearm safety and owns several BB guns.

Ms. Lancaster said her son keeps his bow and BB guns displayed on a wall in his bedroom, which was apparently within view during a recent Google Meet class, in which he had been enrolled since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. More


Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home executives after big campaign donations

Cuomo’s administration said the new immunity provision is necessary As Governor Andrew Cuomo faced a spirited challenge in his bid to win New York’s 2018 Democratic primary, his political apparatus got a last-minute boost: a powerful healthcare industry group suddenly poured more than $1m into a Democratic committee backing his campaign.

Less than two years after that flood of cash from the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), Cuomo signed legislation last month quietly shielding hospital and nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus outbreak. The provision, inserted into an annual budget bill by Cuomo’s aides, created one of the nation’s most explicit immunity protections for healthcare industry officials, according to legal experts. More


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Warns Stay-At-Home Violators: 'We Will Take You To Jail, Period'

She then proceeded to yell at a group of teens Following reports of half a dozen parties being held around the Chicago area this weekend, Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a sinister warning to stay-at-home violators: "We will take you to jail, period."

She then proceeded to yell at a small group of teens who were hanging out in a parking lot across the street. It was a moment that brilliantly captured the collapse of common sense among government officials trying to enforce an extreme and increasingly unreasonable form of social distancing.

Lightfoot's press conference on Saturday addressed the news that Chicago police had broken up several social events with more than 50 people in attendance on Friday. The authorities had learned that more parties were expected to take place on Saturday and Sunday. More


What Is A “Pearl Clutcher?”

Back in the olden days, when society was civilized, real ladies wore pearls. Their lives revolved around having babies, churning butter, worshipping husbands, making sandwiches, and staring lovingly at their children. Real ladies never complained. They took Xanax, and did everything while remaining perfectly coiffed. It was a lovely time to be alive.

Society was in perfect harmony. Men worked, while women made babies and sandwiches. There was no confusion. People knew their places. If a woman tried to disrupt societal balance by thinking, that impulse was promptly squashed by the neighborhood gossips. These fine ladies clutched their pearls and shamed any free-thinking hussies right back into the kitchen. All shoes were removed from the hussy’s house. Shamed and shoeless, women had no choice but to return to the kitchen barefoot, and hopefully, pregnant. The system worked. More


Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ are the real fake news after censoring Post story

Medical workers in protective suits at a coronavirus detection lab in Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province Way back on Feb. 23, The Post ran an opinion piece by Steven Mosher saying that we couldn’t trust China’s story about the origins of COVID-19. He argued that the virus might — might — have jumped to the human population thanks to errors at a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, rather than via that city’s now-notorious “wet market.”

The piece was widely read online — until Facebook stepped in.

The social media giant’s “fact checkers” decided this was not a valid opinion. If you tried to share Mosher’s column on Face­book, the social network stuck a “False Information” alert on top, saying that finding was “checked by independent fact-checkers” and preventing your friends from clicking to connect to the original article to see for themselves. More


Former police officer arrested in park for throwing ball with daughter due to coronavirus social distancing rules

cops carry social distancing enforcement too far In an incident caught on video, a former Colorado State Patrol trooper said he was handcuffed in front of his 6-year old daughter on a near-empty softball field Sunday by Brighton police officers enforcing social distancing rules.

The department apologized Tuesday afternoon, calling the incident an "overreach by our police officers."

Matt Mooney, 33, told ABC News he walked with his wife and daughter from their home to a nearby park Sunday to play softball.

"We're just having a good time, not near anybody else. The next closest person is at least 15 feet away from me and my daughter at this point," Mooney told ABC News. More


A Litany of Useless Laws Have Been Exposed By the Coronavirus

The ability to suspend these laws without fear of endangering the public opens the door to questioning their purpose From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, state and local governments responded in various ways from issuing emergency orders?—citywide shutdowns? to school closures and beyond?—but it’s the suspension of various laws and regulations that is exposing the unnecessary regulatory web that burdens businesses. As often happens during emergencies, governors and mayors across the country have used executive power to waive laws and bypass regulations.

This allows goods to get to the public quicker at lower cost, more service providers to enter struggling industries, and the market to respond to the crisis in countless other ways. More


Nevada governor limits malaria drugs for coronavirus patients

take your Trump pills Nevada’s governor signed an executive order Tuesday limiting the use of anti-malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients.

Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak’s emergency regulation limits the prescription of the drugs in outpatient settings — not in hospitals or emergency rooms — to a 30-day supply, to ensure they’re available for “legitimate medical purposes.”

The action also aims to prevent stockpiling the meds, which are also used to treat arthritis and lupus.

“While these drugs serve necessary medical purposes, this regulation protects the Nevadans who need them and prevents unnecessary hoarding,” Sisolak tweeted. More


Discussing Coronavirus Response, Sanders Accidentally Calls it Ebola and Biden Accidentally Calls it SARS

Two stooges running for president as Democrats The Democratic presidential debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on Sunday night saw a gaffe made by each candidate when addressing the spread of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. Both candidates referred to coronavirus as a previous virus.

Sanders accidentally called it ebola and Biden mistakenly referred to it as SARS. "No one is in a position where they have a significant financial disability as a consequence of this SARS, of this particular crisis," Biden said during the 11th Democratic debate, hosted by CNN Sunday night.

During a follow-up segment, Sanders also misnamed the novel coronavirus that has resulted in the death of more than 6,500 individuals and infected over 150,000 people around the globe. More


UC Berkeley Instructor Says Rural Americans Are Bad People Who Deserve "Uncomfortable" Lives

In a controversial Tweet, Jackson Kernion slammed rural Americans for not being pro-city and further claimed they had to live with their "bad life decisions." In an attempt to shame rural Americans, a brazen UC Berkeley graduate and instructor claimed they were "bad people who have made bad life decisions." Jackson Kernion, who reportedly taught 11 philosophy courses at the California University, made the controversial tweet last Wednesday. His restricted mindset couldn't fathom that there exist people who don't prefer city life. Kernion made this audacious observation within a Twitter thread which was examining the costs of rural healthcare. Furthermore, he argued that "City Americans" were leading a more efficient lifestyle when compared to those in the rural areas.

Kernion believes that "City Americans" should not have to bear the cost of providing healthcare to rural America. "Rural Healthcare should be expensive! And that expense should be borne by those who choose rural America!" he wrote. In addition to this, he argued that rural Americans should be instructed to pay higher taxes to cover healthcare and broadband among others, as they rejected the "efficient" city life consciously. "Same goes for rural broadband. And gas taxes. It should be uncomfortable to live in rural America. It should be uncomfortable to not move," added the instructor. More


Finland’s Oulu city council roasted online for feeble “no-no square” dance to combat rape

No no square dance stops rape in FinlandA TikTok video designed to raise awareness of sexual abuse in Finland has gone viral and received a lot of attention – but not necessarily for the reasons that they may have anticipated.

A video from the account @sannanopsa, representing the Finnish city of Oulu, was created to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and empowering people to be aware of rape.

The video, in which five representatives do a brief dance to the lyrics, “Stop, don't touch me there. This is my no-no square,” has been ridiculed online for being a weak attempt to deal with a serious issue. More


Our crazy farm subsidies, explained

the average American man in the 1820s drank FIVE GALLONS of hard liquor a year Nearly every industrialized nation on Earth subsidizes agriculture to some extent. It’s a way to make sure production stays high, and prices stay low.

It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make it work — and that’s where things get tricky.

Right now in the U.S., we subsidize certain crops pretty heavily. These are things that can be shipped and stored easily, and traded in international commodity markets.

But because of the way we manage our subsidies, we end up with A LOT of corn. In 2010, U.S. farmers produced 32 percent of the world’s corn supply on 84 million acres of farmland, raking in a cool $63.9 billion. More


Welfare fraud in Sweden by Iraqi MINISTER?

Iraqi Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari Many high-ranking officials are pelted by corruption allegations, yet few (if any) have ever got accused of welfare fraud in another country. But if Swedish media is to be believed, Iraq’s serving defense minister is a suspect.

The scandalous story made the headlines in Sweden this weekend, after several news outlets reported that Iraqi Defense Minister, Najah al-Shammari, is also known as a Swedish citizen named Najah al-Adeli. The man is said to have emigrated to Sweden in 2011, becoming a citizen in 2015, and is still registered as living in one of Stockholm’s suburbs. Both ‘al-Adeli’ and his wife had allegedly been receiving child and housing support for years, before getting reported for benefits fraud two weeks ago. A preliminary probe into the scheme has been launched both by the country’s police and welfare watchdog. More


It’s Now ‘Transphobia’ to Refuse to Date Trans People, Say Twitter Experts

Activists, social media users, and outlets begin to normalize claims of transphobia to those who wouldn't date a trans person An increasingly popular belief is emerging online where it is deemed “transphobic” or “transphobia” to refuse to date a transgendered person. The debate, polarizing communities and debate online, asks whether rejecting a sexual partner over their genitals constitutes “transphobia.”

The bulk of social media users who do not belong to a sexual or hard-left political community dismiss the condemnation of “transphobia.”

But the term has become increasingly thrown around to malign people who are strictly heterosexual–and even a large portion of homosexual men, who wouldn’t consider dating a trans person. More


Racial hatred message daubed on park wall

Okay to be white has been dubbed "racist" Racist and anti ethnic graffiti has been daubed in 20 foot high letters on the side of a gable wall in Southport.

The massive graffiti which takes aim at people of colour reads ‘it’s ok to be white’ was painted on the side wall adjacent to Bedford Park in Southport overnight.

Shocked residents in the area said they were appalled to wake up to face the graffiti and have called the police and council to sort it out.

As yet it’s believed police don’t have any suspects for the racially aggravated graffiti and there are no witnesses due it being painted overnight. More


ACLU calls for tampons in men's rooms in order to achieve 'menstrual equity'

a man might shove one of these up his ass The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men's restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against "every person who menstruates."

"While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay," the group said in a statement Tuesday.

"Men’s restrooms are also less likely to have a place to dispose of these products conveniently, privately, and hygienically." More


MPs not running again will get paid around $1.6M in severance

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rises during Question Period in the House of Commons in OttawaOTTAWA — Members of Parliament who have decided not to run for re-election this fall will cash in a cumulative $1.6 million in severance payments, and millions more will likely be paid out after the election.

Thirty-nine sitting MPs have declared they won’t run again in the next election, of whom 18 are eligible for severance payments totalling an estimated $1,618,850, according to an analysis by The Canadian Press.

Sitting MPs who have served for less than six years are not eligible for pensions, and instead receive a lump severance payment worth half their annual salary. They also get back any pension contributions they’ve already made, plus interest. More


Identity and algebra: Seattle schools incorporate ethnic studies into math class

A set of suggested guidelines outlines a nontraditional way of learning math SEATTLE — When a set of guidelines for incorporating ethnic studies in K-12 math classes went public last week, several online blogs criticized Seattle Public Schools for bringing race into subjects like addition and subtraction.

"Math, in case you didn’t already know, is racist," said an article from conservative website The Daily Wire.

The framework lays out a structure of learning themes like "Origins, Identity, and Agency" and "Power and Oppression," which are meant to be taught side by side in a math class. More